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Fishing 101

Fishing 101

Modern fishing is a sophisticated to the point where it can not be imagined without the methods of feeding sites and fishing zone, except for those techniques that involve fishing with artificial baits, such as varaličareja and / or fly fishing - although and there in various ways increases the attractiveness of bait various chemical additives . Or we can say this ... today's fish are a sophisticated to the point that access to fishing without bait or eating very often futile. Either way, running, receiving or nutrition as an integral part of fishing is something without which it can not now imagine. Is modern approach to fishing freely softisticirao fish, or vice versa, feature adaptation of living creatures, including fish, fishing has changed a whole, including the approach to fishing is a question that has no answer, and analog is concerned, what is older - chicken or the egg. However, the fact is, without some form of diet or primary can not expect much success in this sport or work, depending on how it sees when and how it once practiced. One thing is certain, a better and more thorough approach, the better the results. In this article we will try to explain the basics of Nutrition and primary fishing, their purpose, method and the conditions of the same conditions of fishing, water, weather, season, and a host of other factors.

Today, a large number of manufacturers of feed offers a large range of nutrition, but often is not only important to have some of them, but the more important that we receive and when used. Of course, we could get the answer to the questions: What diet? When? In what circumstances? At what temperature? Where? In what way? For that fish? Which leads? we should first of all know that the primary role of primary fishing?

You probably notice that in parallel using the terms FOOD FOR FISH and receive FISH. This is because the two have been with us established and used equally for the same thing, so I'm saying to me all understand. However they are very similar - but just terminology, although the terminology should be conditioned by the way in which and when applicable, as well as the purpose and therefore the composition of the mixture and the components used.

We're about at the outset to clarify the basic difference in terminology but also essentially, between nutrition and primary fishing.

In fact, the term prima should be used when talking about the use of food as a means of alluring fish during fishing. More specifically, the primary purpose or primary purpose is to manage the aroma, flavors, colors and other attractors constantly irritates the fish and increases her desire for food, or to fish metabolism, but it can not go IS ASIT. Consequently, both the real and the mixture, using components that give it just the right characteristics. To fish is non-stop hungry and full of appetite. We can say that is received is divided into two main groups. These are SURFACE Prima and Prima DEEP. More about this will be discussed further below and in the articles that follow and which describe each individual bait. One of the more important things is to have a source of power. And there is no better place to get best inverter generator reviews than thebestgenerator.com. They have a lot of different options and some of them are great for fishing.

NUTRITION terminology is similar to prime, or dedicated and essentially completely different. This term should be used when it comes to feeding sites and fish, and a few days before and after fishing, up to two to three days before the next release of the water. Place the fish feed and feed before and after fishing, in order to maintain a certain place. The mixture, which is then used, or which should be used, the characteristics is quite different to that used as an example for the fishing. Therefore the purpose is different. Contrary to postulate for the fishing "Enticing BUT NOT feed the fish," Now the effect should be the opposite, feed the fish and keep it SITOM in this place to the next fishing, that would not leave the city in search of food. FOOD is always used as deep and goes down to the bottom. This will be also more below and in the articles that follow, and which concern the feeding site fishing.

So, now that we have listed the main differences between "primary fishing" and "FOOD FOR FISHING" We can continue on their importance and increase the coefficient of performance in fishing to use them effectively, using appropriate terms when necessary, without confusion.